Hillside Music 

Piano for the rest of us

Have you ever wished that you could learn to play the piano for your own enjoyment?

Have you tried traditional lessons, but quit because you became tired of trying to learn to read music before you could play?

Are you too busy to spend a lot of time practicing, but you still want to learn?

We may be able to help.

Our goal is to offer affordable lessons to those who want to play for personal enjoyment, not concerts.

We offer individualized lessons rather than following a set curriculum.

Call (615) 855-2670 for more information.



 We Offer Two FREE Lessons

We want you to experience our style of teaching before you make a decision, so we give two free lessons to all new students.  

We’ll start by teaching you some basic chords for your left hand.  We’ll use finger numbers to help you play the melody with your right hand.   Many students are able to play simple songs with BOTH hands after just one or two lessons.